Problem Statement

Hospital uses simple electrolytes bottles with no indication, it may create a problem to patient because the reverse flow will start, blood start to flow from body towards bottle.

Problem Dimensions

  • An IoT based automatic alerting and indicating device is proposed where sensor is used as a level sensor or weight sensor.
  • Based on the principle that the sensor output changes when fluid level/weight is below certain limit, it will alerts the observer through the display or/and mobile phone at the control room indicates the room number of the patient for quick recovery
  • In, Hospital ICU, CCU, NICU, OPD, OT, most of all department of hospital required such kind of automatic monitoring and indication system.
  • Such monitoring system can be useful in small, medium and large size of hospitals and also it useful during home care. In future readymade wearable sensors on sides of bottle can detect level/weight of-fluid inside bottles.
  • Such data can also send to nurses and/or doctor`s mobile and they can start or stop the fluid and also monitoring fluid condition, such things required security password also.
  • Hospital staff, the constant need to manually monitor the level of bottles is avoided. This is of high advantage to the patients especially during night times.
  • This system also avoids the fatal risk of air bubbles entering the patient’s bloodstream, which is a serious threat as air bubbles in blood can cause immediate death.
  • Such a device will create assurity of non-harm condition to patients and also helpful to monitoring of data and such data can be stored and will be useful in future.