Problem Statement

Even with the installation of RFID FASTAG on cars, movement of vehicles in TOLL lanes is not Fast at all. Fuel wastage and waiting time at TOLL queues is still a challenge

Problem Dimensions

This problem has the following dimensions

  • Use AI/ML solutions using OPENCV or OCR or any other technology to identify number plates
  • Such that license plates can be read even for fast-moving vehicles
  • Such that stoppage time is actually almost reduced to 0s
  • Registration nos. maybe in different formats and even different languages.
  • You can choose to install more than 1 camera
  • Solutions will be judged on the time difference between image capture and license plate validation. Accuracy of license plate identification, minimal processing time, and speed of the vehicle @ which it can work. For. Eg. For a stationary vehicle, the delta in time for image capture and validation will be less as compared to a fast-moving vehicle. So work out a solution for a fast-moving vehicle.

So That

Vehicles do not have to stop in Toll lanes. Imagine that your solution is implemented at TOLL LANE where the vehicle can move at fast speed and yet License plate is recognized and the toll is charged and there is no gantry to be operated.