The storage losses are affected by several factors, which can be classified into two main categories: biotic factors (insect, pest, rodents, and fungi) and abiotic factors (temperature, humidity, rain). Moisture content and temperature are the most crucial factors affecting the storage life.

ABC Company has a warehouse which has large number of barley heaps kept in open. Each heap around 8 feet in height. As of today, a team inspects the grain on regular basis to check for molds/pests infection. This human dependent inspection process is costly and & hence ABC company is looking for automation in this area to increase their operational cost & reduce grain loss caused due to mold and pests.


  • Remote monitoring – Web app/Mobile App to show grain status across heaps in real time.
  • Notification if any pest/molds observed.

Automated grain inspection solution to reduce grain loss caused due to molds and pests.